De 11 smukkeste steder langs Spree #7 Neu-Venedig (New Venice)

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In the very east of Berlin, the Spree flows through two lakes: the Dämeritzsee and the Müggelsee. Between these lakes, on the Müggelspree in the Köpenick district of Rahnsdorf, you can discover a very unusual highlight: Neu-Venedig, an idyllic settlement with weekend retreats, built in the 1920s and criss-crossed by countless canals. The best way to discover Berlin’s little Venice from the Müggelsee is by rowing boat – or of course by taking a leisurely walk, crowned by a meal in the summer garden of the day-tripper restaurant Neu-Venedig.

Fürstenwalder Allee, Köpenick

Kilde : VisitBerlin
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