De 11 smukkeste steder langs Spree #11 Old town of Köpenick

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In Rathaus Köpenick (Köpenick town hall), at the confluence of the Dahme and Spree rivers, an unemployed cobbler disguised as a captain is said to have arrested the mayor and robbed the town treasury in 1906. Today a bronze statue in front of the entrance serves as a reminder of the “Captain of Köpenick”. Around the town hall, which was inaugurated only one year before the “Köpenickiade”, you can experience a great deal of authentic historical atmosphere in the old town of Köpenick – with over 200-year-old houses in the Fischerkietz (fishermen’s neighbourhood) and the baroque Köpenick Palace on the Schlossinsel (palace island). Numerous cafés, often located directly on the waterfront, give you many reasons to stay a while.

Alt-Köpenick 21, Köpenick

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